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Valuation of depression co-occurring with a somatic condition: feasibility of the time trade-off task.

Valuation of depression co-occurring with a somatic condition: feasibility of the time trade-off task.

Health Expect. 2014 Nov 13;

Authors: Papageorgiou K, Vermeulen KM, Leijten FR, Buskens E, Ranchor AV, Schroevers MJ

BACKGROUND: Health state valuations obtained from the general population are used for cost-utility analyses of health-care interventions. Currently, most studies have focused on valuations of somatic conditions, to a much lesser extent of mental states, that is, depression and even less on valuations of depression co-occurring with somatic conditions.
OBJECTIVE: We tested the feasibility of the time trade-off (TTO) task to elicit valuations for depression solitary or co-occurring with a somatic condition. Moreover, we explored person- and state-related factors that may affect valuations.
DESIGN: During semi-structured interviews, 10 individuals (five women, mean age: 36 years) used a TTO task to value vignettes describing mild and severe depression; and mild depression co-occurring with moderate and severe states of cancer, diabetes or heart disease. During valuations, participants were thinking aloud. Feasibility criteria were successful completion and difficulty/concentration (1-10); logical consistency of values; and comprehension of the TTO, based on qualitative analysis of think aloud data. Factors influencing valuations were generated from think aloud data.
RESULTS: Participants reported satisfactory levels of difficulty (mean: 1.9) and concentration (mean: 8.3) and assigned consistent values. Qualitative analysis revealed difficulties with imagining: living with depression for lifetime (n = 4); reaching the age of 80 (n = 6); and living with a somatic condition and mentally healthy (n = 6). Person- and state-related factors, for example perceived susceptibility to depression (n = 4), appeared to affect valuations.
CONCLUSION: Quantitative findings supported feasibility of the valuation protocol, yet qualitative findings indicated that certain task aspects should be readdressed. Factors influencing valuations can be explored to better understand valuations.

PMID: 25393599 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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