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Healthcare Utilization and Costs in Sepsis Survivors in Germany-Secondary Analysis of a Prospective Cohort Study

Background: Survivors of sepsis often face long-term sequelae after intensive care treatment. Compared to the period of hospitalization, little is known about the ambulatory healthcare utilization in sepsis patients. The study evaluated healthcare utilization and associated costs of sepsis care including allied health professions after initial hospitalization. Methods: Secondary analysis was performed on data in 210 sepsis patients prospectively enrolled from nine intensive care study centers… Continue reading

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Branched chain amino acids are associated with metabolic complications in liver transplant recipients

CONCLUSION: Elevated BCAA plasma levels are associated with T2D, MetS and use of Sirolimus in liver transplant recipients. BCAA plasma levels may represent a valuable biomarker for cardiometabolic complications after OLTx. Continue reading

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Are cancer patients with high depressive symptom levels able to manage these symptoms without professional care? The role of coping and social support

CONCLUSIONS: A significant group of cancer patients with high levels of depressive symptoms do not seem able to effectively manage depressive symptoms by themselves, especially those more likely to avoid dealing with their symptoms. Cancer patients can be educated about avoidant coping and its possible detrimental effects, as well as being informed about possibilities of psychosocial services. Continue reading

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