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Does social support at home moderate the association between social support at work and work functioning among cancer patients?

CONCLUSIONS: Supervisor social support is associated with better work functioning regardless of social support at home, while colleague social support is only associated with better work functioning when cancer patients experience enough social support at home. Continue reading

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A portable isometric knee extensor strength testing device: test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change scores of the Q-Force ӀӀ in healthy adults

CONCLUSION: The portable Q-Force ӀӀ is a comfortable, responsive, and relatively cheap device with excellent test-retest reliability. This device would be potentially suitable to measure isometric knee extensor strength in clinical settings. Continue reading

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Experiences of Self-Criticism and Self-Compassion in People Diagnosed With Cancer: A Multimethod Qualitative Study

Objective: Self-criticism is a self-condemning and self-compassion a supportive style of self-to-self relating. These concepts have increasingly been studied in people with cancer, but mainly with quantitative studies. This study is the first to explore how adult cancer patients experience self-criticism and self-compassion in the context of their illness. Design: A multimethod qualitative study design was used, combining individual and group semi-structured interviews. Participants were 26… Continue reading

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