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Boron Intake and decreased risk of mortality in kidney transplant recipients

CONCLUSION: Boron may be an overlooked target to improve long-term survival among KTR and potentially other patients, likely through pathways other than inflammation or the methionine-homocysteine cycle that were previously suggested. Interventional trials are warranted to confirm the potential of dietary boron supplementation in KTR and other patient populations. Continue reading

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Parental experiences of rapid exome sequencing in cases with major ultrasound anomalies during pregnancy

CONCLUSION: Major congenital anomalies detected on ultrasound seem to have more impact on prenatal parental decision-making and anxiety then the offer and results of rES. However, the impact of rES on reproductive decision-making and experienced anxiety requires further investigation, especially in pregnancies where less (severe) fetal anomalies are detected on ultrasound. Continue reading

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Factors Influencing Implementation of eHealth Technologies to Support Informal Dementia Care: Umbrella Review

CONCLUSIONS: Our study offers a comprehensive overview of eHealth technologies in the context of informal dementia care and contributes to gaining a better understanding of a broad range of factors influencing their implementation. Our results uncovered a knowledge gap regarding success factors for implementation related to the organizational and broader context and continuous adaptation over the long term. Although future research is needed, the current findings can help researchers and… Continue reading

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