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Self- and other-efficacy are related to current smoking during a quit attempt: a daily diary study in single-smoking couples

CONCLUSION: To start the quit attempt with high self-efficacy, and maintain it throughout the quit attempt seems important for successful abstinence, as this might help to overcome a lapse. This is the first study to show that other-efficacy is related to smoking behaviour. However, more research is needed regarding the temporal order of smoking and efficacy, from both smokers and spouses. Continue reading

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Aggravation of fibrin deposition and microthrombus formation within the graft during kidney transplantation

In kidney transplantation, microthrombi and fibrin deposition may lead to local perfusion disorders and subsequently poor initial graft function. Microthrombi are often regarded as donor-derived. However, the incidence, time of development, and potential difference between living donor kidneys (LDK) and deceased donor kidneys(DDK), remains unclear. Two open-needle biopsies, taken at preimplantation and after reperfusion, were obtained from 17 LDK and 28 DDK transplanted between 2005 and 2008…. Continue reading

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Psychosocial factors and cancer incidence (PSY-CA): Protocol for individual participant data meta-analyses

CONCLUSION: PSY-CA aims to elucidate the relationship between psychosocial factors and cancer risk by addressing several shortcomings of prior meta-analyses. Continue reading

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