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Social well-being and its measurement in the nursing home, the SWON-scale

CONCLUSIONS: These first results indicate that overall social well-being and its sub-dimensions can be measured with this new observational scale, although its validity needs to be confirmed. Including the social behaviour of others towards the resident may have provided a more comprehensive measure of the social well-being of nursing home residents. Continue reading

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The adaptive effect of personal control when facing breast cancer: cognitive and behavioural mediators

This prospective study examines the cognitive and behavioural mediators of the relation between personal control and the initial response to a breast cancer diagnosis as well as subsequent psychological adjustment. A total of 143 patients participated immediately after diagnosis (T1), after surgery (T2) and 2 months after the end of treatment (T3), of whom 92 also completed a questionnaire pre-diagnosis (T0). The buffering effect of personal control on psychological distress shortly after… Continue reading

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