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Prevalence, changes in and correlates of fatigue in the first year after diagnosis of testicular cancer

CONCLUSION: Fatigue seems not to be an enduring problem for testicular cancer patients, with treatment only having an impact on fatigue levels shortly after treatment. Highly anxious patients and those who were fatigued after orchidectomy might benefit from a multidisciplinary intervention. Continue reading

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How to measure self-management abilities in older people by self-report. The development of the SMAS-30

This paper presents the results of two studies carried out in order to design and test a self-report instrument to measure Self-Management Ability (the SMAS-30) in aging individuals. SMA refers to the core behavioral and cognitive abilities which presumably contribute to sustainable well-being in later life. Robust findings of the studies (n = 275 and n = 1338) showed that SMA could be measured reliably as a composite concept of abilities systematically linked to dimensions of well-being in… Continue reading

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